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“David prepared my estate documents with care, precision and detailed professionalism. At our consultations, he remained highly focused and was genuinely concerned that all aspects of my documents were clearly explained. David told me what was needed to meet my objectives and, even more, what was not needed. I will readily recommend David to anyone seeking an estate attorney.” – George B.

“I have known Dave for over 45 years since our school days at Robbinsdale High. I have used Mr. Will’s guidance for our family’s Wills and Trusts, as well as other services. Dave has an uncanny ability to listen to his Clients and get to the root of the problem. He gets “IT”, the work is done “on time”, and is performed very professionally without Errors or Omissions. I trust him like my brother. I regularly refer Dave’s firm to my friends. He is a really good guy with empathy for one’s personal issues that raise their ugly head from time-to-time in one’s life. Plus, he can throw one helluva Holiday Party; that is where I met my beautiful wife of 30+ years!” – Tom B.

“We first used David Jacob’s services 25 years ago. Recently due to some life changing events we were able to take advantage of Mr. Jacob’s services again. We revised our wills. Mr. Jacobs was thorough, fair and affordable. We will always rely on David in the future.” – Mark

“David Jacobs is a fantastic estate planning attorney. In fact, my family has been working with David for over 4 generations. He speaks from 34 years of experience, and has the knowledge to determine the best possible solutions for his clients. He’s very personable and is a great listener which was important to me. Our family will continue to use David Jacobs for our wills and trusts for generations to come!” – Dan F.

“David was extremely knowledgeable in the preparation of our wills. They were more complicated than most, and he was very detailed in their composition. We really enjoyed working with him. I told David that we would definitely contact him in the future if needed. We took some extra business cards of his so we could recommend him to friends.” – David H.

“David prepared my elderly mother’s will and a number of other documents regarding her estate planning needs. He very effectively probed for mom’s specific needs, then prepared a package that was exactly in line with those needs — not attempting to load in unnecessary services, but ensuring that Mom received the right services to ensure her interests were well met. He took the time to explain each document carefully, and, throughout the process, remained professional and personable. Combined with very fair fees, David is an excellent choice for your legal requirements.” – S. Doine

“Unfortunately, after my Dad passed, I faced a disagreement about family inheritance. With Dave’s help, everything was resolved through mediation in a dignified manner.” – Tom W.

“In September of 2006, my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. While he was intubated, Dave was able to arrange a court appearance to grant me his guardianship so I was able to direct his care. The swift manner in which he did this relieved a lot of stress for me.” – Mary S.

“After we had our first child, we knew it was important to get some of our affairs in order. Dave made it very simple for us to set-up our wills. It feels good to know that we are prepared and covered for whatever the future may bring.” – Jaime T.

“When my Mother suffered an unexpected decline before her passing, Dave had already prepared her estate plan. So when the time came, it was a relief to know I had the legal tools needed to carry out my Mother’s wishes. Thanks to Dave, a difficult time in our lives was made simpler because of his comprehensive estate plan.” – Damian P.

“We were elated when our first grandchild was born. Dave wisely had us add a trust to our estate plan designed to protect and provide for him in the future. Now we have peace of mind knowing we did all we could for the little guy.” – Joanne D.

“As a CPA and CEO, I have worked with a lot of attorneys over the 30 years I have been in business. Dave is the one that I chose to represent both my family and my business for all these years. We have depended on his legal advice through many life-changing events. It feels good to know we can always call on his expertise.” – Clark D.

“When I was faced with the need to probate my wife’s estate, I called Dave. With his help, I successfully navigated the probate process. I received personal attention as well as professional advice.” – Charles N.

“As my parents aged and their care needs increased, they faced a number of elder law issues. My parents depended on me and we counted on Dave to provide legal advice that secured quality care while preserving family assets.” – Steve K.

“Despite feeling overwhelmed by the loss of my Mother, I needed to confront the immediate reality of a legal dispute involving her will. With Dave’s help, I am pleased to say that my family successfully mediated an emotional will contest.” – Dale L.

“My husband’s unexpected terminal diagnosis created stress and uncertainty for our family. Dave’s warm manner and professional advice allowed us to put our affairs in order in a way that anticipated future needs. Dave gave us both peace of mind during a difficult time and let us focus on the time we had left together.” – Eileen F.