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Minneapolis Medicaid Planning Lawyer

More and more, Minnesota elders and their families are painfully aware that the need for even a few months in a nursing home or other care facility could be a devastating financial setback. People with very substantial assets can manage this cost — and those with very little money can often take advantage of state resources. Families whose circumstances land them somewhere in the very large “middle” of this equation need counsel on their options.

What If You Need Nursing Home Care? Are There Legal Ways To Protect Your Home And Other Valuable Assets?

The evolving field of medical assistance planning is a key focus and strength for us at David M. Jacobs, P.A. Since 1979, we have focused our practice on addressing the very real financial challenges and concerns faced by seniors and loved ones who take responsibility for their care.

“When my Mother suffered an unexpected decline before her passing, Dave had already prepared her estate plan. So when the time came, it was a relief to know I had the legal tools needed to carry out my Mother’s wishes. Thanks to Dave, a difficult time in our lives was made simpler because of his comprehensive estate plan.” – Damian P.
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We will take your important questions seriously and explain all available options in clear language. Our Minneapolis-based Medicaid planning attorneys take a consistently practical, cost-effective approach to problems such as:

  • How to make sure you qualify for Medicaid should you need it to pay for nursing home care or other services
  • How best to protect hard-earned assets to fulfill your own needs beyond what Medicaid provides and still pass on as much as possible to your heirs
  • Whether long-term care insurance is within your means and likely to provide the security you are seeking
  • What types of trusts may be useful for maintaining control of your assets and property should a major health issue arise

Help In A Crisis Or In The Planning Stages: Contact A St. Paul Long-Term Care Planning Attorney At Our Firm

We assist elders and their families promptly in emergency situations. Equally important, we will be glad to talk openly with you about the process of applying for Medicaid and what you can do now to protect your resources and family. Please set up a meeting with one of our caring, helpful lawyers today by calling 763-533-5337 or reaching out to us online.