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Minneapolis Guardianship Lawyer

The questions that arise when one person needs or wants authority over another’s affairs are sensitive and complex. Obtaining legal guardianship may be necessary for a grandparent or other caregiver who has stepped in to meet the many needs of a child. When an elderly person is faced with Alzheimer’s disease or another disabling illness, family members may need to seek a conservatorship enabling management of that person’s finances.

Since 1979, our statewide Minnesota law firm has been a conscientious and effective resource for people confronting these and other difficult situations. Led by skilled Minneapolis guardianship attorney David M. Jacobs, we carefully assess individual and family needs and deliver comprehensive guidance on all legal options and requirements associated with guardianships, conservatorships and civil commitment.

“In September of 2006, my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. While he was intubated, Dave was able to arrange a court appearance to grant me his guardianship so I was able to direct his care. The swift manner in which he did this relieved a lot of stress for me.” — Mary S.
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Are You Fighting For The Right To Keep Making Your Own Decisions? Seeking Legal Authority To Protect A Vulnerable Family Member?

Our legal team’s decades of experience extend across the spectrum of elder law, individual rights and family disputes. We counsel and represent people who are focused on:

  • Taking measures as part of an overall estate planning effort to protect elders’ autonomy and decision-making power, including making sure a health care power of attorney and other critical documents reflect the current situation and client goals
  • Defending against a petition for a guardianship or conservatorship that is unnecessary and may be motivated by a family member’s desire for financial control
  • Petitioning for a justified and necessary guardianship or conservatorship to protect the interests of a child, disabled individual, or senior citizen of diminished capacity
  • Defending the civil rights of a person that a state authority is trying to commit to an institution based on alleged mental illness or chemical dependency

Do You Need Counsel From A St. Paul Area Conservatorship Attorney?

We emphasize humanity and integrity in all we do. That includes recognizing that minimizing family discord through compromise is preferable to costly, adversarial litigation. However, our lawyers are also proven veterans of the courts who are exceptionally equipped to go the distance to obtain the best results for you and your family.

You can turn to us for clear, dependable answers and honest guidance. For a helpful consultation to discuss all aspects of your situation and legal options, please contact us today by telephone or online.