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Minneapolis Inheritance Dispute Lawyer

It would be difficult to overstate how painful it can be when brothers and sisters or other family members disagree about the handling of a parent’s estate. A lawsuit could cause a rift that may persist for many years or never be healed. if you believe someone is trying to take more than he or she deserves — or if you are being accused of doing so — your choice of legal counsel is extremely important.

Are You Facing An In-Family Dispute Over A Parent’s House Or Other Assets?

At David M. Jacobs, P.A., you can discuss your problem openly with a lawyer who has helped hundreds of people resolve complex, emotionally volatile inheritance disputes. In Minnesota today, the great majority of such contested issues are resolved in mediation. It is incredibly important to understand your rights and how this process works, so that you can make sound decisions and prepare effectively for what lies ahead.

“Unfortunately, after my Dad passed, I faced a disagreement about family inheritance. With Dave’s help, everything was resolved through mediation in a dignified manner.” — Tom W.
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Informed by decades of experience, our Minneapolis inheritance dispute attorneys understand the sensitivities and emotional pressure points that may apply to your case. Legal action must be carefully considered for reasons that don’t pertain after an auto accident or in a business matter, for example. We are adept at:

  • Thoroughly analyzing all relevant estate planning documents and other aspects of the situation to determine the validity and strength of your position
  • Proposing reasonable compromises and concessions that may allow the parties to avoid a drawn-out, potentially costly dispute and move forward in life
  • Thoroughly explaining what is involved with contesting a will or challenging the authority of the individual appointed personal representative or executor
  • Filing a justified will contest or other appropriate action and providing zealous advocacy in defense of your interests

Do You Need A Balanced, Experienced St. Paul Area Estate Dispute Attorney?

Determining what a parent intended is always a complex challenge. People’s behavior when money or valuable property is involved can seem inexplicable. In most situations, it is far preferable to reach an out-of-court solution. However, if that proves impossible, we have the litigation experience to go the distance on your behalf.

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