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Minneapolis Probate Lawyer

Most people have heard the term “probate” in connection with what happens when a person dies. In reality, not all estates must go through probate, but surviving family members almost always need some level of legal counsel to ensure the decedent’s assets are distributed and transferred according to the law, debts are paid, and other requirements are met.

Do You Need Basic Legal Guidance Or All-Out Protection Of Your Interests?

In what may be a traumatic and overwhelming time, we are here to help. Our probate and estate administration services are comprehensive. Depending on your needs, our Minneapolis probate attorneys can provide immediate, basic legal advice or represent you every step of the way through final settlement of your loved one’s affairs.

We have helped thousands of clients, including many living outside the Twin Cities and in other states, after the deaths of loved ones. You will speak and work directly with a lawyer who brings decades of experience to bear on your case. Your questions will be answered clearly and you can count on us for upfront information about costs and fees.

“When I was faced with the need to probate my wife’s estate, I called Dave. With his help, I successfully navigated the probate process. I received personal attention as well as professional advice.” – Charles N.
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Our knowledge and capabilities cover the full spectrum of:

  • Probate proceedings required when a person dies without a will (“intestate”)
  • Legal guidance for dealing with Minnesota estates valued at less than $20,000
  • All aspects of asset distribution for larger estates and those containing assets held in the decedent’s name alone
  • Complex issues of trust administration, who should be appointed personal representative or family fiduciary, and other potential sources of dispute
  • Inheritance disputes that may call for a will contest or other action in the courts

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At David M. Jacobs, P.A., we take great satisfaction in our ability to help people navigate the courts and settle loved ones’ affairs effectively and affordably. We will not overstate the complexity of your situation for our own gain, but we can handle the most complex situations that can arise. For compassionate, productive legal guidance, please contact us today at 763-533-5337 or via email.