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Administering An Estate In Minneapolis

The development of a comprehensive estate plan is a significant venture, but it only represents a portion of the overall puzzle. After you pass away, your plan must be administered and, potentially, litigated. An experienced Minnesota estate administration lawyer can provide the legal guidance your surviving loved ones need.

At the law firm of David M. Jacobs, P.A., we have 40 years of experience guiding Minneapolis area clients through challenging legal times. If you have lost a loved one or you are considering developing an estate plan, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our firm.

What Is A Family Fiduciary?

When you are developing your estate plan, many documents will force you to specifically name who is in charge. Typically people look to a family member to fill this role. This is the family fiduciary. This individual is responsible for the business of the family. If a family member is incapacitated, the family fiduciary might need to be listed on a power of attorney document or in a trust. If a family member has died, the family fiduciary might then be responsible for administering the will. Once a family fiduciary is chosen, he or she is charged with the goal of properly administering the estate and avoiding fiduciary liability, which might ultimately be decided through estate litigation.

There is no step-by-step manual for a family fiduciary to follow through the process of estate administration or litigation. We are prepared to offer the benefit of our decades of experience and our knowledge of estate planning trends. It is our goal to help the family fiduciary administer the estate and avoid personal liability.

Discuss Your Specific Situation

Whether you are facing the probate process or have questions regarding authorization for access to digital assets, our firm can help. With four decades of legal experience on our side, we can answer your complex questions and guide you through the estate administration process. Call or email our firm to schedule a consultation.